About Chris McCarthy

The memory of Christopher McCarthy touches the lives of individuals who live with epilepsy. As we remember Chris’ smile and laughter, his courage and strength, his love for baseball and good times, we will again offer summer camp scholarships and other events sponsored by the McCarthy family and friends, for people affected with epilepsy. Chris was one of the Epilepsy Society’s first members, and we are privileged to help continue his legacy.

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About The Chris McCarthy Golf Outing

Summer camps provide fun, healthy and educational experiences for all children. The Chris McCarthy Scholarship Program, along with the Epilepsy Society of Southern New York is providing funding to help children with epilepsy participate in summer camps. In addition, the fund provides funding for a number of other events and programs throughout the year, benefiting those with epilepsy in the community.

To help support this very worthwhile program, the McCarthy Scholarship fund organizes a golf outing, open to anyone that wishes to participate and raise money for the fund. This event is held in July each year, and comprises a full day of golf as well as an evening reception to include prizes and other related events.

Thank you to everybody who took part in previous
Chris McCarthy Golf Outings
And who have helped to make it such a great ongoing success!

What do we use the money for?

Very often, people with epilepsy and other developmental disabilities will have problems getting 'out and about'. Part of our focus is to increase people's opportunities for socialization and entertainment, and thus, throughout the year we provide the chance for our consumers to get together and enjoy themselves. Here is an example of our events.

Torches on the Hudson & the River Rose

In May 2010 we took a group of consumers for a trip to eat at Torches on the Hudson and for a cruise on the River Rose, an authentic Paddle boat.

Structured Day Program

In addition to outside trips and events, we provide a comfortable, pleasant environment in the Chris McCarthy Socialization Room, where we hold a Structured Day Program, as well as social events and meetings, such as this scene below from our 2008 Christmas Party.