THE MISSION of Capabilities Partnership Inc. dba as the Epilepsy Society of Southern New York, is to provide comprehensive services to people with epilepsy, traumatic brain injuries, and other neurological, physical and developmental disabilities and their families for the promotion of independence and quality of life. All of our services and programs focus on activities which help the individual live independently in the community with dignity.

OUR VISION is to assist individuals and family members reach optimal growth potential, independence, community acceptance and the best possible quality of life.

OUR SERVICES and programs are provided in the lower Hudson Valley of New York State. They include education and training, advocacy, vocational services, service coordination, and community independence training. We provide services under OPWDD’s Home and Community Based Waiver Program, the Department of Health’s Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver Program and various programs offered through ACCES-VR. It is our goal to assist all individuals in these programs to reach their optimal growth potential.

WITH AN OFFICE in West Nyack in Rockland County, we are ideally situated to serve all seven lower New York counties of Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan, Ulster and Westchester.

Our History

Janice W. Gay, Director
Janice W. Gay, our founding
executive director

THE EPILEPSY SOCIETY of Southern New York, Inc., (ESSNY) was formed in 1977 by Janice W. Gay and a group of concerned people whose lives epilepsy had touched in some way. The Society grew from a grass roots organization of support groups to a registered non-profit agency governed by it's Executive Director and a voluntary Board of Directors.

Capabilities logo

CAPABILITIES PARTNERSHIP, INC. (CPI), was formed in 2006 to provide comprehensive services to persons of all cultures with challenging disabilities, such as autism, cerebral palsy, mental retardation, epilepsy, those suffering from traumatic brain injuries (TBI), and neurological, physical and visual impairments.

Capabilities Partnership Inc. merged with the Epilepsy Society of Southern NY on January 1, 2014 (CPI/ESSNY). Together now, we are an organization founded over 35 years ago which continues to build "capabilities" every day.

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Hours Of Operation

Our normal office hours are:
Monday - Friday 9am-4:30pm
Saturday-Sunday Closed


Our Staff

Executive Administration

Anna Vero • Executive Director of Administration
Kim Egan • Executive Director of Clinical Services

Jodi Molluzzo • Office Manager
Rosemary Bohn • Administrative Assistant

Clinical Services

Service Coordination & Day Program Services
Kali Fiore • Manager of MSC Services
Erin Drury • Manager of Consumer Independence
Tom Fiore • Structured Day Program Coordinator
Caroline Negersmith • Manager of TBI Services
Michelle Kirschbuam • Service Coordinator
Patty Drum • Service Coordinator
Christine Giglio • Service Coordinator
Jessica Lupi • Senior Service Coordinator
Chrissy Keahon • Senior Service Coordinator
Laura Mangual • Community Service Coordinator
Darshana Bhatt • Senior Service Coordinator
Jennifer Drum • SDP Specialist
Terrence Hill • SDP Assistant
Kate Yeager • Community Service Coordinator

Vocational Services
Lisa Fiore • Director of Vocational Services
Tara Quackenbush • Manager of Vocational Services
Mary Moran • Senior Employment Specialist
Randi Packes • Senior Employment Specialist
Keith Parfitt • Senior Employment Specialist
Erica McLeod • Employment Specialist
Julia Quattrocchi • Employment Specialist
Suzanne Coyle • Jr. Employment Specialist
Juliet Leight • Jr. Employment Specialist
Amber May • Jr. Job Coach

Education Department
Erin Drury • Community Resource Specialist

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Our Board Of Directors

Joseph J. DeLosa • President
W. Allen Hauser, MD • Vice President
Daniel Rothstein • Treasurer
Denise P. Mann • Secretary
David J. Dickoff, MD
Michael Infante, CPA

James J. Powers, Esq. (1977-2017)
Janice W. Gay (1977-2009)

Our Professional Advisory Board

David J. Dickoff, MD, Chairperson
Aristea S. Galanopoulou, MD, PhD
Georgina Galante, RPh MS
Robert R. Goodman, MD, PhD
Susan Walton Greenhill, PNP
W. Allen Hauser, MD
Barbara Sue Koppel, MD
Olgica Laban-Grant, MD
Daniel J. Luciano, MD
Solomon L. Moshe, MD
Alison M. Pack, MD
Theodore B. Rosenzweig, Esq.
Glenn M. Seliger, MD
Jay E. Selman, MD
Shlomo Shinnar, MD, PhD
Baldev Kaur Singh, MD
Howard L. Weiner, MD


Financial Documents

Current IRS Form 990
Financial Statements as of December 31, 2017

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